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Python Distribution

Most subdirectories have a README or INDEX files explaining the

src/		Python source (C core and Python librarys) for most platforms
doc/		Documentation (PostScript, LaTeX, HTML, ...)
contrib/	Contributed software
mac/		Apple Macintosh specific files
(See for the core of the win32 Python universe.)
pc/		DOS, Windows 3.1(1), OS/2 specific files
win32/		Windows NT specific files (see also wpy/ and pythonwin/)
nt/		Same directory as 'win32' - see just above
binaries-1.5/	UNIX binaries (not as current as you'd like :-( )
binaries-1.4/	Older UNIX binaries
binaries-1.3/	Older UNIX binaries
binaries-1.2/   Older UNIX binaries
binaries-1.1/	Older UNIX binaries
mail/		Old mailing list archives - 1992 -> April 1995
		(See for search of
		mailing list traffic from 1995 to the present.)
misc/		Miscellaneous
pythonwin/	Windows NT distribution from Mark Hammond
wpy/		Portable GUI library (NT, Win32s and Unix/X/Tk)
vms/		VMS specific files

Extensions (may be combined):

.gz		compressed with "gzip".
.tar		UNIX tar file
.exe		DOS or Windows executable
.shar		self-unpacking UNIX shell archive
.hqx		Mac BinHex 4.0
.sit		StuffIt Light(TM) Mac archive
.sea		StuffIt Light(TM) self-extracting Mac archive
.bin		MacBinary format
.html		HyperText Mark-up Language (WWW)
.el		Emacs Lisp
.ps		PostScript
.lect		Lectern display format
.zip		DOS zip archive

.tgz		== .tar.gz

You can force the ftp server to deliver gzipped versions of files,
and/or tar directories, by adding the appropriate suffix to the name
of the actual file you're fetching.  Eg, 'get README.gz' will get a
gzipped version of this file, and 'get misc.tar.gz' will fetch a
gzipped tar archive of the misc subdir.